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Mika's Valentine Sticker Project

Project Type



FEB 2023


Dania Beach, Florida


Lead Designer
Graphic Design Editor

Project type

Vinyl Stickers

In this project, I had the amazing oppurtunity to create vinyl stickers for a photoshoot inspired by beer girls posters. When you are creating vinyl stickers for a photography project, there are a few things to consider. First, you will need your design. In this case, the design for these vinyl stickers would have to be photographed and edited all by myself. After, you will need to determine and design the size of the stickers. You may want to use a design software to create your design.

Once you have your design, you should print it onto vinyl paper using a printer that is compatible with vinyl. Once the vinyl is printed, you can then cut out the stickers using a cutting machine or by hand. Finally, you can apply the stickers to your desired surface. This project was one of my favorite projects and seeing the joy that clients have after making their ideas come to life is the best feeling a photographer can ever experience.

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